Updated: DECEMBER 19, 2016
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on October 22, 2022

SuperSkin is a sex toy material patented by Fleshlight for its strokers. It is known for its highly realistic feel. It is soft, retains heat and is easy to clean. Because SuperSkin is a patented material, its exact composition is unknown, but it is made up of a combination of mineral oil and rubber polymers. It is phthalate free.

Fleshlight is known for masturbation sleeves made to look like vaginal openings, mouths or anuses, including those styled from porn stars. The product resembles a flashlight, which is how it got its name. The Fleshlight was originally patented in 1988 as a sperm collection device. In 2019, Fleshlight had reportedly sold more than 20 million units of its product since it first came to market.

More About SuperSkin

SuperSkin allows Fleshlights to feel much like human skin: warm, soft and pliable. To clean the product, wash with water or a sex toy cleaner and allow to dry before storing. This can be done by shaking the sleeve out or running a towel through it. It should then be stored with the end cap open to ensure no moisture remains. A small amount of isopropyl alcohol can also be used for more thorough cleaning. The product should be dusted with corn starch or sex toy powder prior to storing to prevent the material from getting tacky.

Only water-based lubricants can be used on SuperSkin. SuperSkin is a more porous material than silicone, so it's important to note that it may not be possible to sanitize and could harbor bacteria over time.


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