Solo Poly

Updated: DECEMBER 31, 2015

Solo poly is an approach to polyamory that focuses on individual autonomy rather than a couple-centric structure. People who practice solo poly generally do not seek to build relationships that resemble traditional couplings with the ultimate goal of partnership. Instead, they opt to maintain freedom and flexibility in pursuing and shaping each new relationship.

More About Solo Poly

Polyamory often comes under fire for maintaining the societal standard of "couple privilege" in which the idea of finding "the one" is idealized and couples are generally recognized as having achieved that goal. The poly concept of a "primary" and the lesser treatment of other partners that can come with it all play into this. Solo poly eschews these values with some practitioners recognizing themselves as the "primary" in their lives.

The concept of solo poly does carry some stigma based largely on unfair judgements and misunderstandings. Some see it as an "immature" (because mature people settle down with someone) or the "wrong" way to be poly (because poly people have primary partners).


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