Sex Cushion

Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on November 2, 2022

A sex cushion is a type of cushion designed specifically to help couples adopt a variety of sexual positions. They provide a platform for enhanced performance of sexual activities, including foreplay, erotic massage, sensation play and sexual intercourse. Many have a flat side for stability and a curved side for couples seeking a rocking motion.

Sex cushions are available in a range of sizes although most measure between two and four inches thick. They are usually made of high-density foam and covered with a removable, machine-washable cover made of velvet or a hypoallergenic material for easy removal of lubricant or massage oil.

More About Sex Cushion

Couples use sex cushions for easy straddling, increased comfort in doggy-style or rear-entry sex, and deeper penetration in a range of positions. They can also provide extra lift for couples who have a significant height difference. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that sex cushions can help people with moderate back and hip complaints comfortably add variety to their sex lives.

A sex cushion may be placed underneath the head, feet, knees, or hips depending on the desired sexual activity or position. The cushion increases stability, deepens penetration, and eases muscle strain. Most sex cushions do not have any weight limit.

Sex cushions may be used in conjunction with other sex furniture. Many are compatible with face cradles, which make erotic massage more comfortable. A sex cushion may also be used with a rocking bolster under the hips, head, or knees.

Some couples prefer sex cushions to ramps and wedges as they can be easily stored under the bed or even left on display like any other decorative cushion. Inflatable sex cushions can even be deflated for easier storage.


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