Robot Fetishism

Updated: FEBRUARY 25, 2019

A robot fetish is the attraction to having a robot partner or turning yourself into a robot. These individuals are also known as technosexuals. The term is also synonymous with the acronym ASFR which came from a usenet usegroup of Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots.

More About Robot Fetishism

The reason for wanting to have sex with a robot is pretty simple. It's a completely willing partner who will do anything it's asked. Those who fantasize about being a robot are generally attracted to the idea of being completely submissive. In fact, this fetish seems to have some roots in domination and submission on a more extreme level.

There have been many documentaries done on this subject such as the BBC documentary "Guys and Dolls." The idea of robot sex has been featured on "Real Sex," "My Strange Addiction," and "Strange Sex."


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