Updated: MARCH 25, 2019

Pyrophilia is a paraphilia in which starting or watching a fire is linked to sexual arousal and satisfaction. It is different from pyromania in that fire is linked to sexual gratification.

More About Pyrophilia

Pyrophilia is a rare paraphilia that is not fully understood. Only a few cases have ever been discussed in the psychological community. Pyrophiliacs derive sexual pleasure and satisfaction from starting or watching fires, or from talking, seeing pictures, or fantasizing about fires. Not all pyrophiliacs use actual fire to obtain pleaure; sometimes simple fantasies will suffice.

It is important to distinguish pyrophilia from fire play. Although people who enjoy fire play may be pyrophiliacs, fire play in itself doesn't necessarily link practitioners to pyrophilia. Fire play is more a form of sensation play than a fetish, even though pyrophiliacs could theoretically be aroused or climax through fire play.


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