Updated: APRIL 11, 2016

Psychorocism refers to sexual arousal and gratification from freezing. Satisfaction is derived from feeling cold or from watching people who feel cold. This does not mean one has to get down and sexy in freezers. It can be incorporated in typical bedroom romps by including ice in the sex act. Of course, it is always easier to just choose venues where temperatures naturally dip, such as Alaska.

More About Psychrocism

If one feels a tendency towards psychorocism, it is a good idea to tell one's partners about it. After all, having a willing partner to explore one's psychorocism with can be key to achieving orgasmic levels of pleasure. When starting out, start simple. Use ice to excite sensual body parts. Play with cold and heat by applying ice first and them blowing warm breaths over cold body parts. This can be the beginning of a fulfilling exploration of one's psychorocism.


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