Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2019

Polyiterophilia is a sexual preference for or interest in having group sex where specific sex acts are repeated with multiple partners. People with this preference are known as polyiterophiles.

Polyiterophilia is classified as a type of hyperphilia. People with hyperphilias, known as hyperphiles, have sexual responses which are more intense or frequent than the social norm.

More About Polyiterophilia

Polyiterophiles may prefer to have manual sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex many times with multiple partners during a single sex session. They may spend a significant amount of their time fantasizing about having group sex in this way or seek out partners willing to engage in group sex.

Most polyiterophiles accept their preference as simply a part of their sexual identity, and treatment is rarely sought. However, therapy and hypnosis sessions may be helpful if polyiterophilia begins to interfere with a person’s personal, professional, or sex life.

Even though polyiterophilia is usually managed by people with this condition, it’s important to remember that group sex is considered a high risk sexual pursuit. Increasing the number of partners increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, so the use of condoms is vital. The same condom should never be used on different partners. Communication before, during, and after group sex is also important to ensure jealousy does not become an issue. It can also be helpful to establish ground rules for the comfort of all participants.


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