Old Relationship Energy

Updated: MARCH 9, 2020

Old relationship energy is a term used to describe the feelings of stability, comfort, and security one feels in a long-term romantic relationship. It is most commonly used in the polyamorous community, where old relationship energy can be contrasted with the new relationship energy experienced during a newer relationship. However, any long-term couple regardless of whether or not they practice polyamory, can experience old relationship energy.

Old relationship energy is often shortened to the acronym ORE, especially in online communication. It may also be called mature relationship energy.

More About Old Relationship Energy (ORE)

The term old relationship energy celebrates the benefits of long-term relationships, which can sometimes be overlooked in the polyamorous community. A desire for new partners, and the fresh, exciting energy they can bring to one's life, is one of the key motivations for polyamorous people to have multiple relationships rather than a single, monogamous one. Because of this, the value of old relationships, and old relationship energy, can be overlooked. However, the balance that old relationship energy brings to a person’s life is very valuable.

Old relationship energy is dependable. It is more mature and more intimate, more open and more consistent. The emotions experienced through this energy are subtler and less amplified, but perhaps even deeper. Feelings of warmth, comfort, security, understanding, and trust all go hand-in-hand with old relationship energy. Some even say that experiencing the intensity of new relationship energy makes them appreciate old relationship energy even more.


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