Updated: FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Oculophilia is a sexual fetish having to do with arousal from or fantasies about eyes. The word oculophilia comes from the greek prefix “oculo,” meaning eye and the suffix “philia,” meaning a love for or obsession with.

More About Oculophilia

Oculophilia can manifest in a number of ways. For some, sexual arousal stems from a certain type of eye, for instance, some may prefer eyes that are squinty, large, misaligned, dilated, or eyes of a certain color.

Oculolinctus, known casually as worming, is a type of oculophilia involving licking the eyeball. Some believe what makes this activity erotic is the trust required between partners to play with such a delicate part of the body while others regard the eyeball as an erogenous zone. Over the last few years internet articles publicized the surging popularity of this practice among teenagers in Japan, however, some sources believe its prevalence was an internet hoax inflated by the media. Medical professionals advise against eyeball licking as it can spread bacteria leading to infection or scratch the cornea if debris is inadvertently brought into the eye by the tongue. Oral herpes, conjunctivitis (pink-eye), and other ailments can also be spread this way.

In more extreme cases of oculophilia, individuals with prosthetic eyeballs remove them to perform “eye socket sex.”


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