Updated: JANUARY 29, 2018

A nipplegasm is an orgasm caused by stimulation of a nipple or both nipples. It may occur through the practice of nipple play or other stimulation of the nipple or nipples, either with stimulation of other body parts or without. While they are more common in women, men can also have nipplegasms.

The term nipplegasm is a portmanteau of the words nipple and orgasm. It is sometimes called a nipple orgasm.

More About Nipplegasm

Nipplegasms are less common than orgasms that occur through genital stimulation. While there are certain stimulation tricks said to encourage a nipplegasm, being in the right state of mind is also important. Believing the whole body is involved in sexual acts and pleasure is key. Nipples should also be kept moisturized as dry nipples are less sensitive to touch. Birth control can also make nipples more sensitive. A person’s menstrual cycle can also influence the pleasure they gets from nipple stimulation.

For a nipplegasm to occur, oxytocin must be released in the brain with nipple stimulation. The release of oxytocin causes blood to flow to the genitals and the genitals to contract, leading to orgasm.

Oral stimulation through licking, sucking, and nibbling is one of the most effective ways to give your partner a nipplegasm. Rubbing, squeezing, and flicking the nipples can also cause a nipplegasm. The nipples can be stimulated with your hands, other body parts, or soft fabrics. As heat increases blood flow and makes orgasm easier, blowing warm air or putting warm water on the nipples can make nipplegasms happen faster or stronger. Ask your partner what they like as everyone is different. Whatever you’re doing, it’s usually best to start slowly and gently, then increase the intensity as the body warms up.

While the term nipplegasm refers to the nipples, any orgasm caused by stimulation of any part of the breast can be termed a nipplegasm. The area just above the areola can be every bit as sensitive as the nipples.

Most people never have nipplegasms. While exploring the nipples can be fun, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to orgasm through nipple stimulation.


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