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5 Tips for Finding That Elusive ‘Nipplegasm’

Published: NOVEMBER 14, 2018 | Updated: MARCH 3, 2022
Nipplegasms aren't common, but even if you don't make it all the way to O-town, playing with them can still be a lot of fun.

I'm sure you've heard of the elusive nipplegasm: the idea that a person can orgasm just from stimulation of the nipples. Not limited to a single gender, nipplegasms can be experienced by anyone with sensitive nipple tissue. Nipplegasms aren't common, but even if you don't make it all the way to O-town, playing with them can still be a lot of fun.


Some people find that nipple stimulation with the hands is enough stimulation for orgasm. If that's you, that's great! However, you wouldn't be here if the idea of nipple toys didn't appeal to you. Even if you've been unable to experience a nipplegasm before, you might want to see if sex toys can help make the experience hotter. Not only can some of these toys increase the sensitivity of the nipples, but they can provide hands-free stimulation of the nipples while you choose to focus on other areas. Here are some tips on how to zero-in on that elusive nipple orgasm.

Nipple Pumps

Suction feels fabulous on other sensitive areas, so why not try the nipples? Nipple pumps are pumping toys that can be used to create this sensation. With a hollow chamber pressed firmly onto the nipples, the suction pump is used to remove air from the chamber - which provides suction onto the nipples and helps engorge the nipple with blood. Much like the penis, a fully erect and fully engorged nipple tends to be more sensitive to any type of stimulation you want to give it.

These vacuum nipple suckers are simple, inexpensive and can be sensational fun.


That's why nipple pumps may be your first stop when trying to use sex toys to achieve a nipplegasm. Not only are nipple pumps easy to use, but they're also relatively universal: most people will enjoy the enhanced sensation the increased blood flow creates. Nipple pumps are also easy to customize. If you prefer a light pump, you can go for that, but if you prefer the sensation of continuing to pump past the point of regular nipple hardness, you can go for that as well. It all depends on your personal preference.

This nipple pumping system is a more intense option for nipple play.
Plus, nipple pumps are easy to use! Just use them to pump the nipples and then enjoy all the usual activities you normally do – but with more sensitive nipples!

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are just that: clamps that go on your nipples. These clamps reduce blood flow to the nipples. As you can imagine, this can feel pretty intense. People who wear nipple clamps report that the nipple stimulation is extremely intense as the clamps are put on. Once they get used to the clamps, that sensation blends into the background unless the clamps are touched or poked at. Where the most intensity happens, however, is after the clamps are removed.


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Once the nipple clamps are removed, all of the blood rushes back into the area - providing a time period of extreme sensitivity. You can use this time period for more pleasurable nipple stimulation to try to reach your nipplegasm.

Note that for safety reasons, you shouldn't wear nipple clamps for longer than 15 minutes at a time until you learn how your body handles the restricted blood flow. Listen to your body and take them off if they get too uncomfortable.

Vibrating Nipple Toys

Prefer to avoid nipple clamps? Vibrating nipple toys might be a better fit for you. These sex toys are small "cups" that snugly hug the nipples and provide vibrations - usually through a bullet vibrator. The sensation can be a bit buzzy on the vibration scale (with most toys), but some people report vibrating nipple toys to be extremely pleasurable.


A toy like the VeDO LUV plus is designed to surround the nipple with vibration.
If you'd like to experiment before purchasing vibrating nipple toys, consider using your favorite vibrator first. Turn your favorite vibrator on and press it lightly onto the nipples. If that feels enjoyable, you might enjoy vibrating nipple toys. If you find that you want to provide more pressure - or want the toy to move to provide the stimulation you enjoy - vibrating nipple toys might not be your optimal nipplegasm accessory.

Non-Orgasmic Vibrators and Dildos

If you have a vibrator or dildo that fails to really knock it out of the park for you, it might be the perfect toy to pair with nipple stimulation.

Why use a toy you consider a bit sub-par? These toys can help add bonus stimulation that can make your nipplegasm possible - but won't accidentally overshadow the nipple stimulation you're looking for. Over time, you can reduce the amount of bonus stimulation you give your body, and you might find yourself able to enjoy nipplegasms more easily – maybe even without any other body stimulation.


Training Your Body to Orgasm from Nipple Stimulation

Finally, if you're not finding much success with the above methods, you can actually train yourself to orgasm through nipple play. Believe it or not, the body can learn new pleasure pathways with constant repeated stimuli. So, with this option, we're going to train your body to learn to find the nipples orgasmic while using other stimulation to get there.

How do we do that? Well, we use standard behavioral training methods. Enjoy masturbation with your usual methods all the way up to the point of climax. Feel free to mix in nipple play throughout your usual masturbation habits. However, at the point of climax, you're going to stop your standard masturbatory habits and instead only focus on the nipples. You may have to hit this “edge” many times. When finally aroused enough, the body will likely use this nipple stimulation as the "tipping point" and will drop you into climax from the nipple stimulation alone.

As you continue this "training", you'll want to stop your standard masturbatory habits earlier and earlier before climax. After a while, you'll be stopping your standard masturbation habits even further from that moment of climax - and taking over with nipple stimulation until you hit that nipplegasm. With enough repeated practice, many people can train their bodies to find nipple stimulation enough to hit climax. Remember that all bodies are different, though - there are no guarantees.


To Nipplegasm or Not

Finally, don't fret if your body doesn't experience those highly-touted nipplegasms. Is it still pleasurable to play with your nipples regardless? Then just add that as part of your sexual fun! There's no reason that you need to depend on your nipples as your sole orgasmic spot. Instead, enjoy your nipples for what pleasurable and orgasmic sensations they can offer. You might be surprised at what a powerful erogenous zone this can be!

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