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Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play

Published: MAY 9, 2022 | Updated: JANUARY 9, 2024
Tits are more than just eye candy - they are an essential erogenous zone.

Itty bitty titties or big mama milkers, boobs are pretty, pretty great.


Not only is there something irresistible about ta-tas of all shapes and sizes, there is just something fabulous about knowing that in the right hands, breast play can be a really hot way to connect with your partner.

After kissing, the next step in a lot of people’s sexual exploration is some over/under the shirt action (or getting “felt up” as it was known when I was in high school.) Like kissing, breast play can be a delightful activity regardless of if it leads to anything else. And just because it is something a lot of people have been doing for a long time, don’t think there isn’t still something to learn!

From furtive groping to hardcore breast bondage, breasts can be the locus of an intense amount of pleasure. And because we are constantly on the lookout for ways to help you make the most of your pleasure, we bring you this, the guide to heavenly breast play!


First, some questions you might want answered:

Why Does Breast Play Feel Good?

Having one’s boobs (particularly the nipples and areolas) caressed, touched or suckled causes oxytocin –“the love drug”– to be released. The secretion of this lovely little neurochemical triggers “a full range of physiological functions and emotions: happiness, attraction, love, affection, and hatred after stress” according to the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

So it is more than a matter of enjoying the touch of your partner…there are physiological reasons it makes the owner of the boobs feel good.


What is the Most Sensitive Part of the Breast?

Every tit is different. Depending on if they are lactating or belong to a pregnant person, what part of their cycle they are in (if they are a person who menstruates,) if they have had top surgery and of course, personal preference – it all has a bearing on where and how they like to be touched best.

But if we are talking generalities here, what is the most sensitive part of the breast? If you guessed that the nipple was the most sensitive part, you would be wrong. Surprised? I was. But according to the people paid to study these things (and there are people paid to study these things!) it’s actually the superior quadrant (the portion of breast above the nipple) that is most sensitive to touch. So when you are touching, make sure you don’t focus just on the nipples. Spread that love around!

What’s a Nipplegasm?

Oh the elusive nipplegasm! It might feel like the search for the Holy Grail of orgasms, but yes, some people do climax from breast play. No, you aren’t going to be able to make someone come just by reaching out and honking on their bazooms, but combined with lots of touching and kissing, someone who is very turned on might be put over the edge of orgasm by breast play.


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10 Heavenly Breast Play Moves

Alright, so we’ve covered some of the why, what about the how? You likely have some experience petting the sweater puppies, but when you want to knock your knocker game up a notch, you’ll want to call in the big guns. Here are some of our heavenly tips (and a few devilish ones too!)

If Your Partner Has Breasts:

Know Your Audience: We know, rules are meant to be broken, but this one isn't! Rule number one is to talk to your partner. Vary your pressure and ask if it feels good like that. Some people have very sensitive ta-tas and don’t like concentrated touch. Others really like a rougher hand. Best way to know is to ask!


The Hills are Alive: Start with a feather-light touch, fingertips in the center of your partner’s chest. Slowly trace gentle circles outward over each breast. The tickling sensation may raise the most delicious of goosebumps!

Turn on the Headlights: Remember how we said nipples aren’t the most sensitive part? Use this knowledge to mix things up a bit! Imagine the breast as a clock and try running an ice cube from the ten o’clock to two o’clock positions, then blowing on the wet skin for some head to toe chills.

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Tongue-tied: Lick circles around the area, slowly moving down to the nipple and areola (the second most sensitive zone on the breast). This activates the tiny muscles just beneath the surface that flicks on the high beams. Try some tasty body oil, to add even more treats for the tongue.

Wetter is Better: Mix things up by jumping into a steamy shower with your mate. The heat brings blood to the skin’s surface and elevates body temperature, both of which make your skin more sensitive to touch. Lather up and deliver a luxurious soapy breast massage, then use your showerhead’s pulse setting to offer a stimulating rinse.

Kinky stuff: If kink is your jam, melons are ripe for exploitation! Explore using nipple clamps or suckers. Tips from the pros include making sure your partner is warmed up (clamps hold better on hard nipples) and playing with hot/cold immediately after you remove the clamps to best take advantage of the heightened sensitivity of the nipples as blood rushes back. If you like the look of breasts bound in a sexy submissive package, there are some creative ways to tie ‘em up! Just make sure to take some tutorials first, you don’t want to go too tight for too long or you risk damaging the tissue.

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If You Have Breasts

Full Court Press: The feeling of having your breasts pushed up against your lover feels great for both of you. If you are on top, why not pull them into a sitting position to press your chests together. If they are on top in a missionary position you can pull them in close for some full frontal contact. The warmth of your bodies increases the sensations and makes for some steamy interaction.

Tickle Their Fancy: Using feather-light touches can be a sensually spectacular. Why not subject your partner to a bit of exquisite torture by restraining them then running your breasts all over their body? Tease your nipples against their lips, just tantalizingly out of reach, then drag your breasts over their body, concentrating on erogenous zone hotspots like their navel, the crease of their thighs or their feet.

Relish Those Melons: Do you take the time to play with your own breasts? If you are comfortable doing it in front of your partner, they might love the show, but even if it’s just for you, it can feel fantastic. Experiment with what feels best, firm squeezes or fluttery fingertips? Cupping them in both hands from below or stroking from the top? You could run a bullet vibrator across your chest and see if that's a sensation you enjoy. In addition to the joy of making yourself feel nice, knowing what feels best for your body means if you choose to include a partner you can tell them precisely what kind of touch you prefer.

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Titty Fucking: Oh yes, you CAN bring the hallowed porno move into your bedroom. Rubbing a penis between your boobs can be pretty TITillating. While the actual mechanics of the (not terribly creatively named) tit fuck may not be hugely orgasmic for the breast haver in this equation, often times the visuals are pretty exciting for the penis haver. To make the ride go smoothly, have them lie back on a Liberator Ramp and slather some lube on your chest. Cup those babies together and slide the erect penis back and forth. You may want to start off slow at first but then increase the pace. The slick lube, along with the smooth friction may be enough to offer your lover a new sensation that results in the ideal pearl necklace.

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