Nipple Rings

Updated: JANUARY 18, 2021

Nipple rings are body jewelry that is designed to enhance a person's attractiveness and add spice to foreplay and sex. They may even be utilized in BDSM nipple bondage or nipple torture scenes. Designs of nipple rings vary from simple, decorative ones to elaborate rings that can be hooked onto nipple bondage devices. They can be worn by all sexual and gender identities.

More About Nipple Rings

The nipples have enough flesh to safely insert nipple rings without the body rejecting the jewelry. However, it is important that piercing is done by a professional. There are innate risks in body piercing, especially nipple piercing. Complications include allergies and infections. Piercing also increases the possibility of nonpuerperal mastitis, which is the occurrence of inflamed lesions in the breast unrelated to breastfeeding. Excessive tugging of nipple rings may also lead to infections, even months after piercing.


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