Love Triangle

Updated: NOVEMBER 23, 2020

A love triangle refers to a romantic trio where each member may be independently linked to one another, or each member has a relationship with the other two (collectively speaking). It is differentiated from friendship and familial love. Romantic love comes with expectations of exclusivity. A love triangle is a complicated set-up. It comes in two flavors: rivalry between two members for the attention of the third member; or split-object triangle in which a member's romantic attentions are split between two objects of affection.

More About Love Triangle

A love triangle is a complicated affair. It will most likely involve a variety of emotions including love, affection, and feelings of betrayal. It is possible to be in a consensual love triangle where each member knows and accepts the roles of the rest. However, this takes immense emotional security. Being in a love triangle can be a hurtful circumstance for all parties involved. If full disclosure and agreeing on a threesome relationship is not possible, refrain from entering into a love triangle.


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