Updated: MARCH 23, 2020

Kareeza is a sexual practice that emphasizes intimacy and affection during sexual intercourse, rather than orgasm. The practice of kareeza aims to bring couples closer together by preventing sexual intercourse from becoming primarily a goal-oriented activity. Although kareeza is a relatively new practice, it borrows heavily from Taoist and Tantric principles. The term kareeza is derived from the Italian word carezza, meaning caress. The term is sometimes spelled karezza.

More About Kareeza

Kareeza sex tends to be slower and more gentle than traditional sex leading to orgasm. Lovers take their time to raise arousal levels before letting their arousal gently subside. These gentle waves of arousal, which peak far from climax, prevent the couples from achieving orgasm in most cases.

People who practice kareeza often believe traditional sex can become about the pursuit of orgasm rather than connecting as a couple. By removing the goal of orgasm, couples often find they pay more attention to pleasing one another, rather than themselves. The focus becomes on the moment, not what may happen in the end. Orgasm may occur during kareeza, but this is not considered the ideal among couples who believe in the practice.

On the journey to orgasm, the human body is flooded with the feel-good hormone dopamine. Levels of dopamine are depleted rapidly after orgasm, leaving the body feeling a kind of biochemical hangover. By never achieving orgasm, the body never feels this hangover and remains in the pleasurable state. This prolongs feelings of attachment and sexual and emotional intimacy between kareeza practitioners.

Kareeza advocates believe this sexual practice can improve a number of relationship problems including performance anxiety, addiction to pornography, and a lackluster sex life. Some couples counselors even suggest their clients try kareeza to improve their relationships. However others are more skeptical and believe couples should not deny themselves any aspect of the sexual experience.


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