Jack Shack

Updated: DECEMBER 28, 2016

A jack shack is a colloquial term for a place where a man can receive sexual services for a relatively low fee. The term is an appropriation of the phrase jack off, meaning to masturbate.

A jack shack may also be known as a Rub-n-Tug. Both may also be called a massage parlor, although this term generally implies a more expensive, upmarket establishment.

More About Jack Shack

When a man enters a jack shack, he is typically shown to a private room, where he will strip naked. He will then be washed clean on a table shower by a woman who is often scantily clad.

A table shower is a shower with a drain hole cut into it, which allows the woman to lather up her client for a hand job on the table. The man lies on his belly on the table and has water poured over him. He is then soaped up with liquid soap and shower gel and rinsed off, before turning over to have the process repeated. This shower is a sensual process, where the women spend extra time attending to the butt and genitals to determine whether the client may be interested in something more than a traditional massage.

After the table shower, the client is usually towel-dried. He then receives a back massage. Generally, this is all that is included in the base rate. After this time, a client may ask for a hand job, blow job, or penetrative sex, or the sex worker may ask him if he would like to pay for these additional services if they feel he is amenable to this.

As jack shacks are illegal in many places, the workers are careful not to reveal too much about these additional services. They will attempt to gauge the reactions of their clients to determine whether they are dealing with policemen or legitimate johns.


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