Insect Fetish

Updated: OCTOBER 22, 2015

An insect fetish is any type of philia experienced by people who are sexually aroused by insects. These people may be aroused by the sight of insects, the act of interacting with insects, or by fantasies involving insects.

There are a range of different insect fetishes including formicophilia (sexual arousal from ants and other crawling insects), melissophilia (sexual arousal from bees), and entomophilia (sexual arousal from the idea of having sex with an insect). Some people use formicophilia as a synonym for insect fetish.

More About Insect Fetish

People with an insect fetish may become aroused by the mere sight of insects. Many also enjoy the feeling of insects crawling on them and even biting them. Many insect fetishists find the tickling or stinging involved in insect interactions an erotic sensation. Some people may also like the feeling of power they get when placing insects on the body of their sexual partner, and the emotional distress this action might cause.

People with an insect fetish may apply insects directly to sensitive parts of the body, including the nipples or genitals. Some people like to trap flying insects in containers and press the open end against their flesh. This type of behavior may occur in solo play or as part of a sexual interaction with a partner.

Many insect fetishists have favorite insects. Ants, mosquitoes, flies, and bees are common choices. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many insect fetishists grew up in poverty, in homes where insects often roamed.

Most people with an insect fetish manage to live healthy lives, but treatment may be necessary if the fetish interferes with normal sexual function or the fetishist’s daily life. It may also be concerning if the fetishist enjoys playing with insects that could pose real harm. For example, a person with a bee sting allergy would be ill-advised to engage in sex play with bees.


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