Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2019

Hoplophilia is the psychiatric term for an attraction to firearms. In its strictest terms, hoplophilia refers to a sexual attraction to firearms. However, it is now used in the wider community to refer to a keen interest in firearms.

The term hoplophilia is a combination of the Greek words hoplon, meaning arms, and philia, meaning love or attachment.

Hoplophilia is commonly called a gun fetish.

More About Hoplophilia

People with hoplophilia, known as hoplophiliacs or hoplophiles, may seek sexual gratification in a number of ways. Many may feel aroused by viewing images of firearms or being in close contact with guns. Some may enjoy having their own guns or seek or sexual relationships with gun owners, especially those who use guns professionally like police officers and security guards. Some hoplophiliacs may even use firearms to caress themselves or even penetrate the vagina or rectum.

Hoplophiliacs should always practice safe gun handling when playing with guns for sexual pleasure. Guns should be thoroughly cleaned and used without bullets. They should also be cleaned after play.


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