Honeymoon Experience

Updated: JANUARY 13, 2015
The Honeymoon Experience is a service offered by some prostitutes. This service aims to provide a romantic sexual and sensual experience akin to one that a man might enjoy during his own honeymoon.

Both male and female escorts may specialize in Honeymoon Experience.

Honeymoon Experience is often shortened to the acronym HME.

More About Honeymoon Experience (HME)

There are no clear requirements about what a client will receive during a Honeymoon Experience. However, the sex worker will always look to replicate the passion and intensity of the lovemaking experienced while on a honeymoon. The Honeymoon Experience may also involve romantic activities like putting rose petals on the bed or taking a leisurely bath together.

Honeymoon Experience is generally enjoyed over a longer session, which may be as long as a week and involve travel to an exotic location. However, some Honeymoon Experiences may be much shorter, lasting just an hour.

The Honeymoon Experience is comparable to the Girlfriend Experience, as both are services provided by prostitutes that focus on romance, rather than kink and extreme sex acts. However, the Honeymoon Experience looks to be even more romantic and passionate than the Girlfriend Experience.

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