Hair Brushing and Worship

Updated: JULY 20, 2017

Hair brushing and worship as it’s commonly called, is a practice where an individual becomes sexually aroused by brushing or otherwise worshiping the hair of their partner. A person who enjoys hair brushing and worship is typically attracted to a female with long hair, although some people report loving short hair, curly hair, and other types of hair.

More About Hair Brushing and Worship

Hair worship can take many forms. People may also enjoy running their fingers through their partner’s hair, washing it, kissing it, or styling it. People who enjoy hair brushing and hair worship say they enjoy the feel, aroma, and look of well-kept hair.

While the partner having their hair brushed or worshipped may not experience the arousal that their partner does, this process can be very pleasurable for them as the process inspires the production of feel-good endorphins.

Hair brushing or hair worship may be a type of foreplay practiced by a range of couples. In the BDSM world, dominants may order their submissives to worship their hair.

People who enjoy hair brushing or hair worship may have a hair fetish, known as trichophilia.


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