Updated: JANUARY 9, 2018

Gravidate is an antiquated term for impregnate that is still commonly used in fetish circles. The term comes from the phrase “to make gravid,” or to make pregnant. It originated from the Latin term gravidus, which means “laden” or “pregnant,” or gravis, which translates to “heavy.”

The term gravid is most commonly used to refer to egg-laying animals, but the term gravidate is used with specific reference to humans.

More About Gravidate

Gravidate is a somewhat dated term, so it’s mostly commonly seen in poetic or historical texts. However, it is used in a contemporary context in fetish circles by men who fantasize about impregnating either a range of women or one specific woman. This is known as an impregnation fetish.

For the general population, the term gravidate has been replaced by more common colloquial terms, including knock up.


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