Goo Fetish

Updated: MARCH 1, 2021

A goo fetish is a sexual interest in gooey substances. Goo fetish can be considered a type of wet and messy fetish because it involves sexual arousal that arises when specific kinds of substances are applied to the skin or clothing.

Goo fetish is also sometimes known as slime fetish.

More About Goo Fetish

People with a goo fetish may fantasize about being covered in goo, or having sexual relations with another person who is covered in goo. Some even fantasize about having sex with creatures made entirely of goo. People with a goo fetish may also make use of gooey substances during their sexual interactions.

As with other wet and messy fetishes, people with a goo fetish are likely attracted to the way gooey substances feel against their skin. Just the thought of that sensation can be enough to cause arousal, which explains the popularity of goo fetish art on websites including Deviantart.

Most people with a goo fetish simply accept their interest in gooey substances as a part of their sexual identity. However, if the goo fetish begins to interfere with a person’s personal or professional life, they may seek therapy to treat the condition.


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