Giant Fetish

Updated: MAY 13, 2024

Giant fetish is a sexual fascination or attraction to giants or giant objects. It is the common term for the fetish called macrophilia. This term gave way to the popular online term macro fetish. Giant fetish is a type of size fetish, or a sexual interest in people of a different size.

How Common is a Giant Fetish?

Anyone of any gender or orientation can have a giant fetish. However, it’s most common among heterosexual men who feel aroused by the idea of giantesses. In 2024, kink content site Clips4Sale named giantess its fetish of the year, noting it was the site’s top fetish search term of the year around the world.

Vore, a related fantasy of being eaten by a giantess, was the second most searched term. Giantess content was also the site’s third-highest seller in the same year, only ranking behind the more mainstream fetish topics of bondage and tickling.

Clips4Sale also noted there has been growing interest in giantesses. When the website launched in 2003, giantess was not among the top 50 search terms. It took until 2017 for it to crack the top 20, and it’s continued its meteoric rise. While many people who search for or purchase giantess content may be simply curious, some are likely to have a giant fetish.

What is a Giantess?

A giantess is a female giant. These imaginary large women have been part of mythology from around the world throughout time, including the Amazons of Greece.

Different Types of Giant Fetishes

People with giant fetishes tend to have specific interests that arouse them which give rise to different fetish types. Some of the different types of giant fetish include:

  • Giantess fetish: an attraction to female giants, sometimes shortened to GTS fetish
  • Giant foot fetish: an attraction to the large feet of giants
  • Giant breast fetish: an attraction to the large breasts of giants
  • Giant transformation fetish: an attraction to average-sized people who grow into giants
  • Giant vore fetish: an attraction to being eaten alive by a giant
  • Giant crush fetish: an attraction to being crushed by the weight of a giant, perhaps by being stepped on or sat on

Origins of the Giant Fetish

It’s difficult to pinpoint when the giant fetish started, as people are likely to hide their fetishes until they become more socially acceptable. However, giant fetishes went mainstream with the release of the 1958 sci-fi film, “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.” Interest in giantess content increased around 2017, in line with increasing awareness of women’s issues and female empowerment.  

The rise of online fetish communities has helped giant fetishists or macrophiles feel more comfortable sharing their interests. Tools like green screens and wide lenses have helped people make giant fetish content, which has also contributed to the growth of this fetish.    

Why Are Some People Attracted to Giants?

People have different reasons for their attraction to giants, or people that are larger than themselves. In addition to their size, giants often have a powerful persona.

“People with a giant fetish often like feeling smaller and insignificant. These people may like being degraded, slapped, choked, or dominated, so in that regard, a giant fetish is a subset of BDSM,” explained Zach Zane, a sex and relationships expert at Fun Factory. “Then there are those who actually want to be rescued by a giant or giantess, an Amazonian type, and feel safe being intimate with a large and powerful protector.”

Interest in giantess content increased around the time of the #metoo movement. This suggests people see giantesses as a representation of female empowerment. As society cast a spotlight on male power over women, a giant fetish could flip the script and seem taboo and exciting.

While giants often represent power, they can also represent a loss of power when this fetish overlaps with a transformation fetish. Some people fantasize about having an average-sized partner who grows to become a giant. There is often an element of submission in these fantasies, as someone must give in to the situation and come to terms with a body that doesn’t feel like their own. Changing forms might make someone feel humiliated or vulnerable because they have lost control of their identity.   

Exploring a Giant Fetish

A simple online search unearths a wealth of giant fetish content that can help people explore their sexual interest. Some people may gain satisfaction reading giant fetish stories or viewing giant fetish art or videos. Giantess porn starring a giantess and shrunken man can bring giant fantasies to life. Macrophiles may consume this content alone or with a partner.

Online communities can also help people explore the feelings they have about giants and understand their fetish better. Professional giantesses chat with and create custom content for clients.

Some people may be content with online content, while others will want to explore their interest offline. They may seek out partners who are much larger than they are, even if they aren’t of giant proportions. A significant height difference can be enough to create the illusion of being with a giant.

Role-playing can be a good way for people of any size to have fun with a giant fetish. Having an honest discussion about the giant fetish and their specific turn-ons can help someone know how to meet their partner’s needs. For example, if someone is into the physical size of giants, their partner might record sexy videos from a low camera angle that makes them appear larger.

Using the right language can also bring any giant role-playing to life, Zane explained.

“If you’re the ‘small one,’ express how strong and powerful the giant(ess) is. Say, ‘You are so big and strong, and I’m so small and weak.’” he suggested. “If you’re the giant(ess), say things like, ‘You are so small and puny. I could crush you with my pinky,’ and things of that ilk.”

Safety Tips for Acting Out a Giant Fetish

It’s important to play safely and consensually when acting out a giant fetish. All parties should understand what the role-playing will entail and agree to the scene before they begin. People should take care to nurture the emotional well-being of partners significantly larger than they are to ensure they don’t feel fetishized. Establishing a safe word and action can empower all parties and ensure they can stop the play if they feel hurt or uncomfortable.

While being physically crushed by a partner can be satisfying, it’s important to play safely. Some parts of the body are vulnerable, including the neck, upper and lower abdomen, and joints of the arms and legs. Sitting or walking on a partner is safer than stomping on them with force, and being barefoot is safer than wearing shoes, especially stilettos which can put undue pressure on the body.

Biting can be a good way to satisfy an interest in giant vore, but there’s a risk of passing on viruses like hepatitis B and C and HIV if the skin’s broken. Open wounds can also become infected, but cleaning them with soap and water before applying a mild antiseptic can reduce the risks.  


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