Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2019

A furvert is an individual who views or engages with furry pop culture or the furry community for sexual pleasure and gratification. Members of the furry community either dress in animal costumes or have an interest in this behavior. Furry art, videos, and stories feature anthropomorphic characters, which similarly have both animalistic and human characteristics.

The term furvert is a portmanteau of the two terms furry and pervert. It is a part of furspeech, a vernacular adopted by the furry community.

More About Furvert

Furverts may be turned on by the practice of dressing in an animal costume or engaging in other furry interests. They may also feel arousal when viewing others participating in the furry lifestyle. It’s not uncommon for furverts to have sexual intercourse with another furry while dressed in an animal costume.

While many furries engage in their lifestyle for their sexual pleasure, for others being a furry has other motivations, such as having fun, enjoying anonymity, and belonging to a community. This distinction helps separate people who are furverts and people who are not.

The term furvert is one of the oldest still used by the furry community. When used within the community, the term is typically taken in good humor. However, it can have negative connotations when used by people who aren’t part of the furry lifestyle.


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