Flogging Horse

Updated: SEPTEMBER 22, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on November 2, 2022

A flogging horse is a piece of sex furniture often used in the BDSM community for positioning the body of a submissive partner so that they can more easily be flogged by their dominant. A flogging horse looks like a padded sawhorse, with tethers for securing the submissive.

Flogging horses typically stand waist-high, so that dominants can flog their submissives without bending over.

More About Flogging Horse

To use a flogging horse, the person to be flogged must straddle the seat and bend over to receive their punishment. The tethers work to secure them to the horse and can be titillating as a form of light bondage.

Flogging horses are designed to ensure that the submissive’s body is spread out and open to receive their punishment.

Flogging horses can be modified to administer harsher punishments. For example, an additional insertion in the seat can force the submissive person to straddle the horse on his or her toes, rather than standing flat-footed. As the submissive tires, they may be forced to sit on the painful seat insert. A flogging horse’s seat may also be fitted with a dildo or another sex toy.

Flogging can cause damage to the body, so a dominant should be experienced before administering this punishment. The dominant should also watch for signs of circulatory problems when restraining a submissive with a flogging horse. Changes in skin color, reduced temperature, and loss of sensation are all signs of circulatory problems. Safewords or signals are essential in this type of pain play.


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