Exclusive Relationship

Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2019

An exclusive relationship is an intimate relationship where the parties are only dating and sexually involved with one another. In other words, the individuals involved are monogamous.

Partners may discuss their relationship and feelings for one another before declaring their relationship exclusive or this relationship status may become assumed over time.

More About Exclusive Relationship

Some people prefer exclusive relationships and date only one person the moment they start seeing someone new. Others will date several people at once in the early days of a relationship and only become exclusive after developing strong feelings for one of the people they’re seeing. Others prefer non-monogamy, and rarely have exclusive relationships.

While everyone’s relationship is different, there are several common behaviors most people in exclusive relationships share. People in exclusive relationships tend to socialize with their partner’s friends and family members. They make plans together for vacations and social events. They are usually comfortable with public displays of affection, from holding hands to kissing one another in the open. They are also happy dating out in the open, although people in exclusive relationships can also be happy spending quiet nights in. While having a sexual relationship does not determine whether a relationship is exclusive, it is also an important component of an exclusive relationship.

People in a relationship may also begin to call one another boyfriend or girlfriend after becoming exclusive. However, in modern society this isn’t always the case. For some modern daters, becoming exclusive is a stepping stone to becoming someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend.


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