Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2016

Eproctolagniac is a term for a person who becomes sexually aroused by flatulence. An eproctolagniac may be aroused by their own flatulence, or the flatulence of another person.

Eproctolagniacs have a condition called flatulophilia or eproctophilia, which are the scientific terms for a sexual interest in flatulence.

Flatulophile is another name for an eproctolagniac.

More About Eproctolagniac

An eproctolagniac may do a number of things to satisfy their sexual desires. They may eat foods proven to trigger flatulence, such as beans, dried fruits, and dairy products, or feed these foods to an intimate partner. When flatulence occurs in bed, eproctolagniacs may put their head underneath the covers to gain more exposure to the smell. They may also put their head near the backside of an intimate partner while they are passing gas. Eproctolagniacs may spend a lot of time thinking about flatulence or having fantasies about the act of passing gas.

While little research has been done on the topic of eproctolangiacs, some people believe they are aroused by their fetish because it holds a taboo or voyeuristic appeal, as passing gas is usually something people do in private.

Most eproctolagniacs manage to lead healthy, productive lives. However, if flatulophilia starts to interfere with a person’s daily life, they may choose to undergo therapy to resolve the problem.


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