Cum on Face

Updated: MAY 31, 2021

Cum on face is a term for a service offered by sex workers who allow their clients to ejaculate on their faces. Cum on face is often abbreviated to the acronym COF, especially on the menus of sex workers, the field reports logged by their clients, and websites and online forums focused on the sex industry.

More About Cum on Face (COF)

Cum on face typically occurs when the client interrupts sexual intercourse, oral sex, or a hand job right before the climax. This service may be provided by a prostitute or a stripper during a private session. It is typically more affordable than cum in mouth.

Ejaculating on a sex worker’s face is considered a relatively safe sexual activity for the client and the sex worker. However, the ejaculate can be messy and time-consuming to clean up. Semen can also sting the eyes. Some sex workers prefer to cover their face with plastic wrap to protect their eyes and make clean-up easy. However, most sex workers will provide the service without this protection.

Cum on face is a popular service because it replicates the scenes that many clients of the sex industry see in pornographic videos and films. Many men find the sight of women’s faces covered in their ejaculate a turn-on.


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