Butt Plug Harness

Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2018

Butt plug harnesses are devices designed to facilitate anal penetration by enabling you to wear a butt plug without having to continuously hold it. These accessories come with straps that go between the legs and around the waist to secure the harness against your body. They may also take the form of underwear. In that case, it comes with a special pouch to accommodate the butt plug. These accessories can be used by both men and women alone or during homosexual and/or heterosexual play.

More About Butt Plug Harness

Butt plug harnesses come in a variety of fabrics. The most popular fabrics are nylon, leather, and rubber. Butt plug harnesses can easily withstand quite a lot of wear and tear. The sex toy market also offers different types of harnesses. Some designs can be fitted around the wearer’s body in such a way so as to slide the plug directly in the anus. Another design may involve a plug that sticks out from the user’s body to anally penetrate a partner.

While harnesses can be used by both men and women, the male and female variations of these toys vary. Female butt plug harnesses are designed to accommodate the vulva and ensure that the vaginal area is not obstructed, enabling the wearer to indulge in sexual intercourse while wearing the butt plug.

A butt plug harness can also be used for extended butt plug penetration. In such cases, it is advisable to go for a breathable and comfortable material such as velvet. Polyester and nylon are other materials that are most suited to extended butt plug wearing.


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