Updated: NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Brassierolagnia is the medical term for an erotic interest or fetish for brassieres, commonly known as bras. For people with brassierolagnia, a woman’s bra is more attractive or erotically stimulating than the breasts they typically cover. Brassierolagnia is a type of lingerie fetish.

People with brassierolagnia are known as brassiophiles.

Brassierolagnia is commonly known as a bra fetish.

More About Brassierolagnia

Individuals with brassierolagnia may be attracted to different types of bras or different parts of the bra. The shape, color, fabric, fastening mechanism, cups, and straps (or lack thereof) of the bra may all be sources of erotic fascination. Many brassierophiles say they become turned on when a woman’s bra strap slides down their shoulder, especially if this occurs in a public setting or without the wearer’s knowledge.

Some people suggest individuals with brassierolagnia are usually attracted to the way bras can make breasts appear perfect. Bras shape the breasts, enhancing their look and cleavage to make them more aesthetically appealing.

People with brassierolagnia may like enjoying bras on their own, viewing images of them, touching them, or using them as masturbatory aids. They may also become aroused looking at women wearing bras or wearing the bras themselves.

In most cases, a person learns to accept brassierolagnia as a part of their sexual identity. However, if the fetish becomes disruptive to a person’s life or sexual functioning then therapy or other treatments may be beneficial.


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