Updated: JULY 30, 2018

Apodyopsis is the act of mentally undressing someone, or imagining someone naked.

The term has roots in Ancient Greek. It is similar to the Greek word apodyterium, which is a room where people undress. The prefix of this word joins the suffix opsis, a Greek term relating to vision or sight.

More About Apodyopsis

People can be in any state of undress for you to perform apodyopsis. They may be fully clothed, wearing a swimsuit, or wearing lingerie. However, the end result is the same; in your mind’s eye the person who once wore clothes is now completely naked.

You can perform apodyopsis when you are physically with people or when you are looking at them in a magazine, on the Internet, on TV, or on a movie screen. In fact, any person, no matter how or where they appear, can be mentally undressed.

Typically, people practice apodyopsis when they are attracted to someone. This act can be the next best thing for someone who is not involved with the object of their desire. People may also mentally undress their partners when they cannot see them naked, such as when they’re in public.

However, attraction is not a prerequisite for apodyopsis. Someone might practice apodyopsis because they are bored or because they want to put themselves at ease in an uncomfortable situation, for example. An imagination is all that’s required for apodyopsis.

Apodyopsis is a private pursuit, and usually something which can be enjoyed as such. However, if people practice apodyopsis brazenly they could make the people they’re mentally undressing uncomfortable. If a person becomes preoccupied with apodyopsis, it could also interfere with their personal and professional life. Therapy may be helpful in these circumstances.


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