Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021

Anaclitism is a psychological term that describes an individual’s tendency to become sexually aroused by objects they were exposed to during infancy.

People with anaclitism may have recurring fantasies or urges about objects associated with childhood, use these objects in a sexual fashion during sexual interactions alone or with a partner, or both.

More About Anaclitism

People who suffer from anaclitism tend to become sexually aroused when they stimulate themselves with the object they associate with childhood. For example, people with anaclitism may use their baby blankets or favorite childhood toys as masturbatory aids. Diapers, bibs, furs, and shoes are also common erotic aids for people with anaclitism.

A person with anaclitism may also become aroused by acts which mimic those experienced during infancy. For example, a person with anaclitism may be aroused by suckling at the breast of their partner, as it recalls the act of suckling at a mother’s breast. Some people with anaclitism also enjoy the sensation of being in soiled clothing, being bathed by an intimate partner, or being spanked. Bondage is another common activity favoured by people with anaclitism, as it mimics the feelings of confinement experienced in the womb.

According to Sigmund Freud, anaclitism may be explained by a link between the bodily functions experienced during infancy and the development of sexual instincts later in life.

Many adult babies have anaclitism, although not every adult baby derives sexual pleasure from this lifestyle choice.

Most people with anaclitism manage to have healthy, functioning sex lives. However, if this condition starts to interfere with a person’s personal or professional life, treatment may help. This may involve behavior or cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, or a combination of these treatments.


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