Updated: JULY 25, 2017

Amaurophilia is a sexual fetish or preference concerning blindness, either real or simulated. People with amaurophilia, known as amaurophiles, may prefer having sex in total darkness, to simulate blindness, or have a preference for sexual partners who are blind or who wear blindfolds to experience what it is like to be blind.

The word amaurophilia comes from the Greek words amaurosis, meaning loss of vision, and philia, meaning attraction.

More About Amaurophilia

There are many theories about why some amaurophiles like to have sex in total darkness. Some suggest these people simply enjoy the heightened sensitivity that comes with sexual stimulation when the sense of sight is removed. Others theorize that amaurophiles may prefer sex in darkness because they have feelings of sexual inadequacy or guilt about sex or nudity, for religious reasons or otherwise, or perhaps that they have low self-esteem.

Some amaurophiles prefer to have sex with people who are blind or blindfolded. Perhaps the amaurophile’s own pleasure is enhanced by the greater sensitivity their partner has to touch when lacking sight. Alternatively, an amaurophile who feels guilt or inadequate about sex may have greater confidence if he or she cannot be seen by a sexual partner.

Amaurophiles may take their fetish outside the bedroom by encouraging their partner to use a cane or learn Braille, or take part in other role play exercises.

Most people with amaurophilia enjoy healthy sex lives. However, as with all paraphilias, treatment may be sought if the condition starts to interfere with a person’s personal or professional life.

Most people are uncomfortable having sex under bright lights. This is totally normal, and not a sign of amaurophilia.

Amaurophilia is closely related to lygerastia, which is a fetish for engaging in sexual activities in darkness.


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