Updated: JANUARY 23, 2017

Alloandrism is a sexual condition where individuals struggle to become aroused or achieve orgasm unless they are fantasizing about men they aren’t sexually involved with.

This condition affects heterosexual women and homosexual men. A similar condition called allogynia impacts heterosexual men and lesbians. Both conditions can be known as allorgasmia.

More About Alloandrism

Often the men that people with alloandrism fantasize about are more handsome or otherwise sexually attractive than their real-life partners. However, this isn’t always the case. For some people, simply the thought of being with a new man can add spice to a long-term relationship.

As with all sexual fantasies, alloandrism doesn’t necessarily reflect a desire to cheat or a lack of caring or attraction for one’s own partner. Instead, it can be a healthy outlet for sexual impulses. It may even be an extension of a general openness to new experiences, especially sexual ones. As this condition can help people achieve orgasm, it can even be beneficial for a couple. However, if people struggle with their fantasies, counseling may be helpful.


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