Adult Breast Feeding

Updated: FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Adult breast feeding, also known as lactophilia, is a fetish that involves sexual arousal through breastfeeding or sucking on a woman's breasts. A couple involved in this fetish is sometimes described as in an "adult nursing relationship" (ANR) or "nursing couple."

More About Adult Breast Feeding (ABR)

The sexual pleasure from and sexualization of breasts is at the root of this fetish. Most women get pleasure out of having their breasts sucked on, while their partners (men or women) enjoy the sensation and the closeness brought by sucking on breasts. In many ANRs, the giving partner expresses feeling joy and pleasure out of nurturing someone from her body, while the receiving partner feels deeply cared for.

Breastfeeding between adults is actually more common than most people realize. A study in England published in the Sunday Times showed that 25 to 33% of all men in relationships with women had suckled from his partner's breasts.

Lactation happens naturally after childbirth; the giving partner may decide to continue lactation after the baby has been weaned. However, it can also be induced in other circumstances. Sucking on nipples for long periods of time can eventually induce lactation. There is also medication that can induce lactation.


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