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The Dirty Dancing Position

Updated: JUNE 26, 2021

The Dirty Dancing sex position is a standing position that uses a wall to make balancing easier. That way, you can pay even more attention to each other.

Dirty Dancing Sex Position. Heterosexual partners are facing each other, penetrating partner leaning against a wall, receiving partner half seated on his lap.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner leans back against a surface, usually a wall or a desk, and the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner, lifting one leg around the hips of the partner.


More About The Dirty Dancing Position

This sex position requires stamina. Both partners work together rocking back and forth. The position allows for clitoral stimulation, and partners get to face one another. It is great for a quickie, but if the partners are not close to the same height, something to stand on might be required.

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