Adult Toy

Updated: JANUARY 28, 2017

An adult toy is any toy designed specifically for the pleasure of adults rather than children. Due to this distinction, an adult toy is generally sexual in nature. An adult toy is typically designed to arouse the user, bring the user to orgasm, or to enhance orgasm.

Dildos, vibrators, Ben Wa balls, butt plugs, and prostate massagers are some of the most popular adult toys. Some adult toys can be used by either gender, while others are specifically designed for males or females to use during masturbation or partnered sex.

An adult toy is sometimes called an adult sex toy, a sex toy, an adult novelty, or an erotic toy.


More About Adult Toy

The earliest adult toys were ivory dildos fashioned to provide sexual pleasure to humans who lived more than 35 thousand years ago. The basic dildo format was enhanced with vibrations during the Victorian era, with hand-cranked models. Unlike the adult toys of the past, modern adult toys are made from a range of high-tech hypoallergenic materials and are very safe to use.

To minimize health risks, adult toys should be cleaned thoroughly after use particularly if they are shared between partners. This measure helps reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases and ensures the toys do not decompose. Adult toys should also be used in conjunction with a lubricant, especially if they are to be used for anal, to maximize pleasure and reduce the risks of tearing.

Adult toys can improve intimacy between partners, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and even treat incontinence. Some male adult toys, such as prostate stimulators, can also improve prostate health.

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