Last Updated: December 19, 2016

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Definition - What does Realskin mean?

Realskin is a trademarked named for a material used to make ultra-realistic sex toys including vibrators and dildos. Realskin toys are made with a thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) and are extremely porous, as well as potentially toxic due to the presence of chemicals used to soften the plastics called phthalates.

Kinkly explains Realskin

Owing to their porosity and possible toxicity it is advisable to use condoms with Realskin toys. They can be cleaned with soap and water, and, upon drying, should be dusted with either an included renewing powder or cornstarch to help the toy maintain its lifelike look and feel. As the toys are prone to melting and leeching colors from other items, it is recommended that they are stored in individual bags in a cool, dark place.

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