Last Updated: September 9, 2015

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Definition - What does Elaspan mean?

Elaspan refers to the synthetic fiber more popularly known as spandex. It is also known as Elastane. The material is stretchable to up to 500% of its original shape. It is popularly used swimsuits, foundation garments, lingerie, and sportswear. It is also perfect for sexy outfits and bondage wear.

Kinkly explains Elaspan

Elaspan is lightweight and stretchable. It is also resistant to detergent, sweat, oils, and lotions. Clothes made with Elaspan can last a long time with proper care. Spandex clothes should be washed with mild detergent and room temperature or cool water. Don't spin-dry as this might stretch out the material. Air dry when possible. Don't boil or use bleach to clean clothing made of Elaspan.

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