Last Updated: November 28, 2016

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Definition - What does AquaGel mean?

AquaGel is a trademarked name for a jelly rubber made from polyvinyl chloride and softening agents. It is commonly used for the manufacture of sex toys, including vibrators and dildos. Like other jelly rubbers, AquaGel is soft to the touch, with a tacky feel.

AquaGel should not be confused with the personal lubricants known as Aquagel or Aqua Gel.

Kinkly explains AquaGel

AquaGel toys are popular because they are very affordable. They also have a pleasant smooth finish, and come in a range of shapes and colors. However, the strong rubbery odor and taste of AquaGel toys can be off-putting to some.

Like other jelly rubber materials, AquaGel's porous surface is the perfect environment for harboring bacteria and germs. For this reason, you should always use your AquaGel toy with a condom, especially if sharing it, and clean it thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner before and after use. Regular dishwashing liquid soaps are too harsh for this type of material, so they should not be used to clean AquaGel toys.

Many lubricants will also degrade AquaGel toys, so you should only use a water-based lube with an AquaGel toy.

Chemicals called phthalates are often used to soften AquaGel. As these chemicals have been linked to environmental and health issues, concerned consumers should contact the manufacturer to confirm whether the toys they’re interested in are phthalate-free.

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