Reverse Oral Sex Position (RO)

Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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Definition - What does Reverse Oral Sex Position (RO) mean?

Reverse oral is a variation of cunnilingus which is oral sex performed on a woman. In reverse oral, a woman's genitals are licked from behind rather than the front as in traditional cunnilingus.

This sex position should not be confused with the sex industry term which refers to a client orally stimulating a sex worker.

Reverse oral is sometimes shortened to the acronym RO.

Kinkly explains Reverse Oral Sex Position (RO)

Reverse oral may be performed on a woman by a male or female partner. To prepare for reverse oral, a woman lies down on her stomach rather than on her back. Her partner then kneels behind. The woman's legs are placed over her partner's shoulders, putting the partner in the perfect position to lick the vulva and genital region.

Reverse oral is said to provide more stimulation and to stimulate different parts of the genital region, than traditional oral sex. For example, reverse oral makes it easier to get the tongue deep inside a woman for G-spot stimulation.

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