Last Updated: April 19, 2021

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Definition - What does Singletail mean?

A singletail is a style of whip commonly used in BDSM play. The term describes the kind of whip that it is. In this instance, there is just one tail on it which differentiates it from multi-tailed whips, like the cat o’ nine tails.

Kinkly explains Singletail

Both signal whips and snake whips fall into the category of singletails; the difference being whether the cracker (the part at the end of the whip that makes an impact) is replaceable or not. Materials can vary, and both leather and nylon are commonly seen. The singletail is a typical starter whip, especially in sizes up to four feet. Three feet and smaller are often called “bedroom whips” because of their ease of use indoors and in small spaces.

Whips are one of the most advanced forms of impact play and require proper instruction before they should be played with. The old adage “You’ll put your eye out” definitely applies to whips, so extreme caution should be used.

There are hidden dangers when playing with whips, too. It’s not uncommon for a whip strike to break the skin, and some whips and whip materials are difficult or impossible to sanitize. They are sometimes best used as a one-person toy. In addition, if a whip that has drawn blood is then cracked (the sound that occurs when the whip breaks the sound barrier, creating a small sonic boom) any blood on the whip will be aerosolized.

For these reasons and more, whip play is often given its own area at large dungeon parties and BDSM events.

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