Vacuum Pumps

Last Updated: October 30, 2017

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Definition - What does Vacuum Pumps mean?

A vacuum pump is a sex toy designed to intensify orgasms. When used on men, this device may increase penis size. The pump is also recommended to women who suffer from conditions such as anorgasmia. Vacuum pumps normally create suction around the area to stimulate blood flow and consequently render the penis or vagina more sensitive to external stimulation. Used in both a medical and erotic context, vacuum pumps are readily available on the market.

Kinkly explains Vacuum Pumps

The two primary types of vacuum pumps include clitoral and penis pumps. These are often enhanced by additional features such as teasers or ticklers. Some pumps even come with a vibrating option to provide the user with more sensation. In some cases, lubrication might be required to enhance comfort and prevent pain.

Vacuum pumps are also used by BDSM couples to procure both pain and pleasure. Some designs even come with an electric sensation for more intense suction.

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