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Sexual Compatibility

Updated: AUGUST 10, 2015

Sexual compatibility is a term that describes a connection which allows a couple to enjoy healthy and satisfying sexual interactions with one another. Shared or complementary sexual interests and libido levels boost a couple’s sexual compatibility. Particularly in monogamous relationships, sexual compatibility is crucial to a couple’s satisfaction in their relationship and ultimately, to their relationship's success.

More About Sexual Compatibility

To suggest that a couple is either sexual compatible or not is a bit simplistic. Some argue that a willingness to please one’s partner and experiment with sexual play that interests them is just as important as shared or complementary sexual interests. Some individuals may have naturally lower libidos but if they are willing to engage in sexual intercourse more often than they would typically desire to they may have sexual compatibility with partners whose libidos are higher.

Most sexologists agree that developing sexual compatibility with one's partner takes work, compromise, and communication. Some individuals may not be on the same page as their partners sexually, but this does not mean they are truly sexually incompatible. Some degree of difference in sexual appetites and tastes is perfectly normal.

However, a great degree of difference may be difficult to navigate, as one or both partners will need to compromise greatly to find a place where they can enjoy sexual interactions. People who do not feel naturally sexually compatible with their partners also need to be flexible to ensure both theirs and their partners' needs are met. If they cannot be flexible or compromise, the sexual incompatibility may be too great and the relationship may suffer and eventually dissolve.


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