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The Lap Dance Position

Updated: JANUARY 26, 2022

The lap dance is a tricky sex position in which the penetrating partner sits down in a high-backed chair and slouches slightly, with the receiving partner straddling them. Once penetration is achieved, the partner on top leans back and carefully raises their legs and places their ankles on their partner's shoulders. For better balance and more stability in this position, the penetrating partner can hold the receiving partner's waist.

Lap Dance Sex Position


More About The Lap Dance Position

The perfect foreplay before getting into the lap dance position is a lap dance. One or both partners can start by donning some lingerie or sexy underwear and putting on some sultry music. It is important to use a very sturdy chair in this position to prevent falls. Because it's difficult to control the depth of penetration here, communication is important as well.

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