Lady Godiva Position

Updated: MAY 26, 2022

The Lady Godiva sex position is an oral sex position that is designed specifically for cunnilingus.

Lady Godiva or Hovering Butterfly oral sex position

To get into this position, the giving partner lies down on their back, head near a wall or headboard. The receiving partner then straddles their partner's head and supports themselves by placing their hands on a wall or headboard. This position gives the partner on the bottom easy access to the clitoris, vulva, and vagina. The receiving partner can easily face towards the giver's feet if anal access (for rimming) is desired.

The Lady Godiva position is also known as the hovering butterfly.

More About Lady Godiva Position

The Lady Godiva sex position puts the receiver in more control of oral sex than the traditional oral sex position, as they can raise and lower themselves over their partner's mouth for lighter or more intense stimulation. Their partner can also stick their tongue out and hold it still, which gives the rider free reign to grind against it however they likes.

This position enables the receiving partner to grind their hips for stimulation in the exact manner, pressure, and speed that they desire for pleasure.



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