Updated: DECEMBER 21, 2016

A probe is a sex toy that can be used for anal, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation. It can be used by both men and women.

A probe is much like a small, slender vibrator or dildo with a tapered tip and smooth body designed to maximize pleasure. Most probes vibrate for more effective stimulation, but some do not. They are typically much longer than vibrators for deeper stimulation of the prostate and G-spot.


More About Probe

A probe’s size, shape, and model can determine how you will use it. Most are suitable for solo and couples play. Some beginners choose a probe as their first sex toy because they are easy to insert and use.

As the anus has no natural lubrication, you should always use a commercial lubricant when using a probe anally. This will improve stimulation and make the experience feel more comfortable. To minimize the spread of infections, you should not move the probe between the anus and the vagina without thorough cleaning. As with all sex toys, probes should also be cleaned thoroughly after use.

In addition, you should read the instructions that come with your probe carefully and only use it as directed.

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