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Arousal Gel

Updated: NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Arousal gel is the umbrella term for a range of topical products designed to enhance sexual arousal. The make up of arousal gel is very similar to water based lubricant. Many contain menthol or peppermint oil to create a cooling sensation and encourage blood flow to the genitals. Additionally, some brands add dietary supplements that are purported to boost libido. Arousal gels can be applied directly to the genitals, massaged on with a partner's fingers, or applied to a sex toy.

More About Arousal Gel

Whether these products are effective is questionable. While menthol and peppermint oil do create a sensation whether that sensation is helpful is acheiving orgasm is not clear. Be careful when choosing to use an arousal gel. If the sensation is uncomfortable or if you feel like you are being burned, wash off the gel immediately.


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