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The Splitting Bamboo Position

Definition - What does The Splitting Bamboo Position mean?

Splitting bamboo is a classic Kama Sutra sex position that adds a nice little twist to the missionary position. To get into this position, the woman lies on her back and raises one leg into the air and lays the other on the bed or floor. The man then straddles the woman's lower leg and rests her raised leg on his shoulder. While holding onto her raised leg, he can then enter her and thrust into her.

Kinkly explains The Splitting Bamboo Position

One of the biggest advantages of this position is the fact that it allows for deep penetration. It also makes the woman's clitoris much more accessible, which means that either partner can stimulate this area with their hands or a vibrator. If this position gets too tiresome after a time, the woman can lower her raised leg and lift her other leg onto her partner's other shoulder.

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