The X-Rated Position

Definition - What does The X-Rated Position mean?

The X-rated is a sex position in which the man lies on his back and the woman straddles him facing toward his feet. Once the man has penetrated his partner, she then stretches her legs back toward his head and leans forward, so her torso rests between his legs. The X-rated gets its name from the "X" that his and her legs form when this position is executed properly. Plus, it's so hot, it should be X-rated!

Kinkly explains The X-Rated Position

In this position, much of the work is put on the woman, and is acheived when she slides her body up and down against the man. For help thrusting, she can grasp onto something in front of her, such as sturdy bed posts or her partner's feet. Many women can climax more easily when they control the pace, and this position is perfect for ensuring that's exactly what she gets to do.

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    I can’t help it: it’s just how I am.

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